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Privacy Policy

Updated Privacy Policy May 11, 2023

The company everyone is using right now There is a policy to protect everyone’s personal information. Our company is very happy. you pay attention in using the services of the company We therefore have a policy to protect your personal information. Whether it is a transaction or any activity, you can use the service at any time. companies in the company network which has measures to protect your information as well And there are conditions that do not conflict with the participants. Everyone can use the company’s services unconditionally.

Purpose of the Privacy Policy to prevent the use of that person’s information used in an inappropriate way and give each individual confidence to everyone who comes to use the service The policy contributes to the safety of service users. Increase the confidence of service users.

Interpretation and Definitions


Interpretation can be translated in many ways. It depends on how the user reads it, such as reading an article, watching a short story, or reading a novel. Some of the words you read may be ambiguous. So we have to explain the meaning of each word. so that you have a consistent understanding of usage Interpretation of each word It depends on the type of work you do. So that you can easily understand the meaning and can easily interpret the meaning of various policies. Our company has a definition. clearly defined You can use the definition or interpreted in any form

The company’s practice is Give all members the most privacy possible. We have a comprehensive policy. that you will use the best service and have strict security measures To protect your member’s information who use the services of our company Everyone has more confidence in using the service. Whoever you are, you can join our corporate services with confidence. The company has a non-conflict policy. with all service users And from time to time we may use your personal information. brought to improve access and allow you to use the service the way you want At present, the Company still has a guideline and services in the original form If there are any changes, we will notify you immediately.


Definitions in Policy Guidelines Privacy here refers to the identity of a specific person. who come to use the service on the website or companies such as name, address Or it will be specific information about that person that can’t be disclosed, such as the name of the company or maybe where they work. Definitions associated with the personal data of individuals or service users. to say in general In this case, we will talk about the collection of information of service users. Disclosure and data protection to be as secure as possible However, the privacy policy must be protected by law. to build confidence for users to provide excellent service Definitions Linked to Privacy Policy There will be clear, uncomplicated, easy to read, unambiguous language. Able to communicate easily between service providers and service users.

Companies affiliated with the camp

for companies in the network or people we have taken care of which may take care of it directly or in the same group Regardless of which party or have ownership of 50% or more of the shares, especially the shareholders’ equity Other securities can be graded or elected to a committee. That can make other management decisions immediately. The company can determine Or come up with a name, it can be any company name.

As for cookies that are small files which we have placed within the website like a computer or portable devices that are convenient to use, such as mobile phone or many other types of equipment which contains various details and usage history on the website You can use it in a variety of ways. as you want for equipment use This means any device from which you can access multiple channels of our services. with devices that can connect to the company’s system

For your information or any information that can personally identify you, such as Access to the website system service to you or individuals who can have information where your data plays an important part Can access immediately There are several ways to collect your personal information. But it’s up to you to choose how to store. and how to use

The website that references UFABET, you can access from https://www.ufabet123.INFO

The referenced website Refers to the name of the company or the ufabet website that can be named in any way. as you can call the service or login immediately Can change or change the company name as needed. as appropriate that users can use at the desired drop-off point Some companies may name and refer to websites or systems as appropriate. Which various businesses will be referred from the website as all users have used the service.

on behalf of a company which means another person that the company has hired can facilitate in providing services of related companies can help with analysis and different ways of providing services, our organization or company Service available to everyone Easy to login which our company has a form of use that is friendly can make all service users Get convenient access to the form of usage as easily as possible. If translated for you to understand, it means You can use the service with our company immediately. Have a team or member to facilitate to you at all times

For service providers, that means General person or other person accessible to use Or the company has hired to provide service or facilitating the service related to help That can be analyzed or used in various ways for the information you use. is information that we collect automatically created from providing a model and friendly use The website referred to is UFABET. https://www.ufabet123.info

Collection and use of your personal information

Types of Information Collected

personal information

For that user, that means you. who can access the system Or you can use the company’s services on your own behalf. because you are involved in the use or receipt of the Services; for the use of your personal data including the type of information we collected for you We may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information. which we can use to contact you immediately

Which your personal information that we need such as your full name the phone number you use And various usage information that you have, which will allow us to provide services to people quickly. and may include certain types of information that is in the system or on the Internet on your device our services which you can visit in the system according to your needs at any moment With the use of various devices you can use.

when you log in and access to services through portable devices such as mobile phone which we have brought the information to be stored by an automatic system which is now using a mobile phone It can store your data very well. which using a device that is easy to carry will give you access to the system and fast service We also take the information contained in the browser. Take it with you when you want to use the service or want to visit through a user-friendly device with a mobile phone.

Tracking Technologies and Cookies

The use of technology is important in serving you. which we have collected data and waiting for follow-up service that you can use easily Which can collect various information that will facilitate you to use flexibly may include the use of browser cookies Small files on the device you are using. can use all your commands identifiable when it is used However, you yourself can use our services. In some parts of the service provided by us Also known as web beacons. small files That allows the company to visit or you You can open the email to see other statistics of the website that are relevant. You can save data. be any part And you yourself can immediately check the integrity of the system.

We use both session and persistent cookies for the purposes set out below:

Necessary/essential cookies

Category: Session Cookies

Managed by: We

We have session or persistent cookies. located on your personal device or on a mobile phone The website uses sectional and persistent cookies that are assigned to you. easy to use service or management services in various forms by us that provide services to you

Cookie Policy / Declaration of Acceptance of Cookies

Cookie Policy or Declaration of Acceptance In general, the website has a policy. that have announced can accept cookies that store information which the company can use cookies for the purpose in tracking tasks and use of your services to be adapted to provide good service to users

Persistent cookies that allow you to automatically log in immediately. and also store user information that brings information to update or customized in use of the user as well Importantly, the company can use persistent cookies. Track and analyze your use so that users can use the service in a better way in the administration You can manage by yourself. which you can customize your usage For the primary purpose of cookies is that it can help remember the different choices you have made within the website. Every detail you log in including your language preferences. These cookies allow you to experience and applications with increased privacy without you having to set up or set a new usage every time while you access the website

The various purposes of cookies indicate that the user accepts their use on the website, for example.

Functionality cookies

Category: Persistent Cookies

Managed by: We

Sometimes websites may use cookies to: Remember your login information, such as your username, email address, so you don’t have to re-enter it every time you log in. Sometimes cookies are used to manage your choices. such as language selection or sometimes will be used to improve your personal user experience or remembering the preferences you have chosen to use on the Site.

Use of your personal information

The Company may use personal information for a number of purposes.

The company will use personal information for provide servicing and maintenance of our Service; Your information may be used on your terms. to meet the needs of users Can be used in various services. Your information may be used to verify Analyze your use of the service. And used to improve the use of the service. or perform general data analysis

Managing your account When you register as a service user with a service company Your personal information provided during registration will be stored and maintained. your account in the system Account verification We may use your personal information. that verifies and verifies your identity at registration. to keep your account in the system In terms of communication, we may use your privacy. to make a notification e.g. Sending a confirmation email if there is a change to your account in the system you will know immediately.

performance of contract performance of the contract you have entered into with us We may use your personal information. to analyze and develop products and improve the quality of use of the product or services related to the contract that you have agreed with us to do with us. Your information may be used to deliver the product. or services that you have purchased can check delivery address Or contact you in case of problems. in delivery

Contacting you Our company can contact and quickly communicate with disabled users Whether contacting via email, telephone, SMS or other forms or notifications using a mobile application to notify you of various news updates related to the services you use. Sometimes we may use your personal information. for contact in answering questions or have your doubts in various cases

Managing Your Requests If you make a request or contact us Personal data you provide to us will be used to submit your request. And we may use your personal information to respond. requests you send to us to track and record your request so that we have information that can be queried further upon request

business transfer Business transfers in this section by us. There is a desire to transfer the business. or some part of the property or maybe all From time to time we may need your personal information. To be evaluated in conjunction with the sale of the business Including customizing the form of the organization. or company structure which may be part of business systems However, the company will practice and make it legitimate So you can be confident that the business transfer Compliant which we guarantee that will collect your personal information that was transferred according to the policy as well

other purposes For other purposes, the Company needs to use your personal data. to be analyzed Look for information, find usage trends. in order to effectively promote the sale of products Or other items and bring improvements in marketing. and give your user experience which every process must be under the law and the consent of all service users Use of your personal information We have taken into account the security of your information.

children’s privacy in the service of our company will not mention persons under the age of 13 that the Company We will not take personally identifiable information from anyone under 13 years of age if a parent becomes aware of your child. Has brought personal information to use with the company we have collected information You can contact us immediately. If the Company collects personal information from individuals under the age of 13 without parental consent. The company will delete the information. or removed from the system immediately If the company provides services to you There is a need for real information. Parental consent will be required. which is a legal standard who can process your data And must have the consent of all parents. before we use those information

Sending links to other websites

Our website may provide links to other websites. that we do not send by ourselves If you click on someone else’s link, it may take you to that person’s website. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the websites you use or visit. We cannot oversee or control or be responsible for the content of your privacy policy. or via another website Our website may sometimes be updated. Privacy Policy Form of the company sometimes

Changes to Privacy Policy which we will inform you When it comes to changes in the Privacy Policy We will notify you via email. or many other channels before the change which will begin to take effect Therefore, the company will notify you before the update. Or change the policy for sure first

Another thing that is important to you Privacy policy should be reviewed at all times. which the company may change the policy that may affect your use of the postings on this website.

contact us

If you have any questions or concerns About this Privacy Policy You can contact us at:

by visiting this page on our website: https://www.ufabet123.info

By phone number : 080-857-8843

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