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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Agreement consent to the use of services on the website UFABET123.info and service If you accept the agreed terms. You can choose to use the service with our website immediately or it will be an agreement to use. that you will use the services of our website; according to the regulations that we have specified on the website and the provision of services that meet the legitimate purpose which you yourself must obey the law specified within the website while you use the service with us

If you yourself do not agree with the terms that we will agree with you which you do not accept the offer You may not be able to access any use of the Site. And providing various services. Accessing and using the services of the website means You must be aware and agree to understand Read the full details. After that, agreeing to various conditions, you can use the service on the website as needed.

when you acknowledge the conditions and contractual agreements between you and the Company Even if the agreement is made online and you didn’t sign it yourself You will supervise your use of the Website. and service by yourself

Account and Membership

For those who want to use the service on the website (UFABET), the website has an age requirement for those who will use the service according to the criteria, must be at least 18 years old in order to be able to use the service on our website. which you or members can confirm and certify themselves as being of legal age In which, if you create an account on the website. You are responsible for securing the account you have created. for the different forms and activities created within the account The website may need to verify your account. Before you sign in to the service If we verify that your information is not true. We may terminate your account immediately.

The most important thing when you use You yourself must notify us immediately. If your account has been used for unauthorized use We will not be responsible for any actions and will not be liable for damages caused by violating the rules and regulations. which our website may be disabled or remove your account from the system If we become aware that you have actually violated the Terms or have taken any action that is likely to cause the Website or the Company to be in disrepute. We will immediately delete your account for any reason and you will not be able to re-register yourself as we may block your email, name and address. to prevent re-application or registration

User Content

The website you are using We have no right to be the owner of your data. regardless of any content or any part of information that you yourself sent to use our service Your own will be responsible for whether it is accurate. This includes quality information. your honesty and will be held legally responsible credibility All information or content you submit. via our website May need to review articles or content that you submit to us. which you yourself have given permission to access your personal data Data can be collected and stored. You can perform actions on the content of your account. for the purposes for which we provide services to you;


Your content on the website We will not be responsible for any reason. which you or all service users shall be liable for the loss of the contents alone to back up your data. Our website may recover some of your content or data. Or maybe all of them have been deleted. by our website Maybe make a backup for ourselves. which the website does not guarantee that some information or all of yours will be available.

Sending links to other resources

The website or company may have links to various sources of information: Connectable communication devices: here means Our website does not allow links or sponsorships. Either way Unless the website has specified or specified in some parts. but as mentioned above Our website is not responsible for review evaluation forms. Although there are interesting business proposals for any person. presented to us

Our website is not responsible for any actions whether The Service includes any person’s content. You are urged to check as closely as possible the legal text of the terms and conditions that you access through the links contained on the website. If you connect your own data to other data If you do that, it’s very risky.

Prohibition Regulations

Terms and conditions that the website has already agreed to and you are not authorized to use our website or providing services in inappropriate content such as

for illegal purposes
Inviting friends or recommending others take part in breaking the law
violation of the laws of international legislation or the government or in other provinces
Violations of our own or others’ intellectual property.
incendiary physical assault or discriminate against the opposite sex in an inappropriate way Whether it’s insulting the nation, religion, or people with disabilities
Submitting false information that may lead others to view misunderstood and misinterpreted
Transmission of viruses or malicious passwords to websites no matter what form it is used in that will affect the work and service
Spam, phishing, farming, impersonation, data gathering or aggregation
obscene act or doing something immoral that is inappropriate
Intervention in various ways, including in the area of website security. and other people’s services and products

Our website reserves the right Making use of the website and use of your services You implement the prohibitions we have outlined above on the Website.

intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights mean Rights assigned to the creator of ideas that have an intellectual nature. protected by law to prevent infringement or plagiarism from others who are not authorized to use There are different types of intellectual property rights. whether writing articles design design or will it be technology trademark These must be registered. to be protected by the laws of each country so that the right holder can show himself as the owner and can be controlled in a time period that is self-determined

trademark is the brand mark or logo of a company or website Service may be a trademark of UFABET123.INFO However, if you wish to provide accurate information to the website. You should contact the website. official You should also obey the law. relevant when using trademarks and intellectual property rights

Rules of Liabilities

Rules on liabilities that have been specified by the affiliates. UFABET123.INFO and related parties such as directors, employees, officers, agents, including licensors to be damaged in any form The person involved is not responsible for that person. WITHOUT LIMITATION OF ANY KIND, DAMAGES ARISING FROM LOST PROFITS, REVENUES, SALES, BUSINESS IMPACTS. Losing your expected savings In this article also stated that the damage. can take many forms Whether it is a warranty, negligence, the responsible person should be advised to fix the damage that will occur easily.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, The article states that the overall liability of UFABET123.INFO and affiliated companies including officers, employees, agents and licensors in connection with the Services. It is limited to the amount of one dollar. or the actual amount paid in cash within one month prior to the event


for compensation for damages You have agreed to indemnify. and can be considered a company or website ufabet123.info and affiliated companies with directors, officers and all stakeholders Not responsible for all types of faults, losses, damages or expenses. related to the incident from a third party from any allegations or references and actions or claims of either party. as a result of the relevance of your content YOUR USE OF THE WEBSITE AND USE OF THE SERVICES or your intentional conduct

All limitations agreed upon above. may be used, which shall be effective only to the extent that cannot violate the law enforcement and are limited as necessary. In order not to cause this agreement to violate the law. If there is any part of the terms of the agreement being considered violating the law will not be able to enforce which both parties have the intention to allow the remainder of this Agreement to continue. Even if part of the schedule is considered illegal.

dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute about the creation or the interpretation of this Agreement will be considered in accordance with the law which has a court procedure regardless of conflicting criteria In choosing the law, the law of Thailand effective to the extent specified To perform relevant actions in the content and this agreement in a court located in Thailand You must agree that the court has jurisdiction to hear the case. relating to you within the scope of a personal court

If so, you waive the right to a jury trial in respect of the matter arising. related to United Nations Convention Agreements on contracts for the sale of goods between countries shall not apply to this Agreement.

Changes and Corrections

in the content above We reserve the right to amend the Terms. or terms related to the website and services at all times which we will consider as appropriate We will update the date and time to inform you at the bottom of this page. We may have notifications on the home page of the website. We may notify you through the contact details provided. We will notify you of any revised information in this Agreement. or other terms related to the website Let you know later. after we have done

All these terms are effective immediately. Upon posting of the revised version of the Agreement unless specified otherwise in the content if used through the website and further services after the effective date of the amended Agreement We will assume that you have consented to the change.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or concerns about this Agreement. We encourage you to contact us using the details below


This document was last updated on May 11, 2023.

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